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Looking for a Software Engineering job. Any kind of job in the IT field, specialized in C# .NET/Silverlight, front-end/back-end web application. Experience in growing company, startup, working in different projects.

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Date of last connection: 2010-06-24
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Mr. Ya... CO...
51490 Newton MA

Prepared job(s): : Software Engineer Project Management


School: SUPINFO 51490 San Francisco CA

Education level: Software Engineering, Management 5th year
Software Engineering, Management
Highest educational level completed: number of years studied and completed with a diploma after highschool : +5
Last diploma : Master in IT Science
Current educational level : +5
Prepared job(s): : Software Engineer Project Management

Duration of the internship: 6 months
Beginning of the internship:
2010-06-30 2010-12-10
Full-time Yes
Study-work program No
Geographical mobility from your place of residence : 1 >> 10Km


Known Tools / Software/ Methods :

HGV, LGV, special vehicles licences :

Languages :
French : Native
English : Working language
German : Basic

Cover letter

Dear Sir or Madam:

accept this letter and the accompanying resume as an expression of my interest
in the position of Software Engineer listed on

As my
resume indicates in November 2009, I graduated a Master degree in IT Science
from Supinfo International University, an education engineering school. I was
performing an OPT under a F1 visa and I am currently looking for a new job
particularly an H1B sponsorship and like to begin employment with an
organization in which my effective performance will be met with recognition and

During my
last professional experiences, I managed several projects such as a distributed
Silverlight Rich Media environment implicated business modeling and
architecture implementation, an embedded ROI reporting solution and many other
web application projects.

My personal
attributes as a Technical Consultant at Momindum Inc include analysis and sound
judgment as well as creativity, awareness and troubleshooting skills. Indeed, I
was responsible of the client support and the software integration for the US
Market which implicated project management and active relationship with our
clients. Mostly B2B and startup experiences, I will be an asset for any growing

naturally motivated and available, I interact efficiently with people from
diverse background. My point has always been to figure out the best solution
for the company.

I am confident
that I could make significant contributions to your organization.

I hope my
qualifications can be a match for the position. If so, we could schedule an
interview at a mutually convenient time. I look forward to speaking with you.

Thank you for
your consideration.



Software Engineer

IT graduate student with experience working on a variety of corporate IT

Ø Professional
services and client support

Ø Business Object
Modeling and Object-Oriented Development

Ø Web Application Development

Ø Software

Ø Project Management

Ø Software

Areas of Expertise:

Professional Experience

Consultant Apr 2009 – Jun 2010

Momindum Inc, San Francisco CA/Boston MA,
United States

Competences: Project Management, Software Implementation,
Web Development

Responsible of the US technical division at
Momindum Inc, and member of the international R&D Team of Momindum; managed
the US B2B Project on the pre-sales and post-sales process side. Momindum is a
software editor company creating Rich
Media content for online learning purpose.

as a project manager on the implementation
of Momindum software for the US Client.

on a Silverlight Rich Media Player
for the new generation of Momindum software.

on a ROI reporting solution
integrated in Momindum software.

as a web developer on Momindum Software: a Content Management System to spread
Rich Media Presentation.

Project Developer Jul 2008 – Oct 2008


Competences: Writing Specifications, Project Management,
Object-Oriented Development, Integration

Worked on a
collaborative project to create a continuous
integration application using C#/XML technology for multiple environments
(test and production servers); the application has solved all integration

file transfer: Avoid manual transfer by saving the integration files/directories
in a list file. Manage collaboration servers (source) and test/production
servers (target).

monitoring: Statistics on all servers in the network to avoid transfer errors.

Statement on completed integration, number of successful transfer, error
description if occurs, and manage mailing list to follow-up the integration.

Java Web
Application Nov 2007 – Jun 2008
(2 Days/W)

Aptelia, Lille, FRANCE

Competences: Web Development, Object Conception,
Front-end web technology

Worked in a team on a
B2B large-scale web application for
public administrations. I was in charge of developing/enhancing Javascript
components and view pages using Java/Spring/Ajax/JavaScript.

JQuery Library for development of the JavaScript’s components: 90% faster than
generic component.

to integrate into a JSP Page.

Developer Jul
2007 – Oct 2007

Utel, Paris, FRANCE

Competences: Project Analysis, Web Oriented-Object
Development, Database Implementation

in a team to create a web back-office
project using LAMP/CSS. Allow users to manage 3G devices connected to
several telephony services with mapping to an Excel file.

alone to create a web statistics project
using LAMP/CSS/XML technology to monitor users activity in several telephony
applications and create different type of reports.

Developer Apr 2006 – Jun

AESN, Châlons-en-Champagne, FRANCE

Competences: Project Analysis, Procedural Development, Database implementation and migration

Worked on an oriented-object application using Java
Technology to manage a MySQL database used to stock industrial site of the
Agency and make some Excel Reports:

existing Access database to a MySQL database.

and developed the Java/Swing application. (User Interface, Report tool)

Developer Jul 2005 – Aug

Minigrip Flexico, Lons-le-Saulnier, FRANCE

Competences: Project Analysis, Procedural Development

Worked on a data management software to optimize the information system and
therefore implement the quality policy of the company, developed whit VBA/Excel

excel production documents used in the supply chain process in one single

printing and reporting tool using data from those documents.

faster update: one click instead of one day’s manually update


Oriented-Objet and System Programming: C#.NET, C++, XNA,
VBA, JAVA (J2EE), LISP, Python

Web: Silverlight, Symfony, LAMP (MVC), JAVA (EJB/JSF,
Spring, Struts), JavaScript (JQuery), Ajax, ASP .NET, WCF

Relational Database: MySQL, Postgresql,
SQL Server, Oracle, DB2

System and Network:
Windows (XP pro, Server 2003), UNIX, Linux (Mandriva, Ubuntu), CCNA

Modeling: UML, Merise, Borland
Together, DBDesigner

and Development tool:
Microsoft Excel, Access, Word, Visio, Project, CVS/SVN/EclipseCVS, Visual

Education: Mathematic skills
and number skills, Project and General Management

to learn quickly, Easy contact, Enthusiast, Conscientious, Serious

Language: French (Native
language), English (Excellent writing and speaking), German (Intermediate

Education and Credentials

Master of Science, Information
Technology Nov 2006 –Nov 2009

Francisco, CA

focus on application development and IT project management, Created working
prototypes for numerous web application projects and desktop applications.

BTS, Application
Development Sep
2005 – Jun 2006

Lycée Roosevelt, Reims, FRANCE

focus on management applications’ development and system information analysis.

Bac S, Engineering
Science Jun

Lycée Roosevelt, Reims, FRANCE

Educational and Personal Projects

Client Software, C#/C/XNA/Cvs,
Education, Team Mar - May

Game, C#/XNA
2D, Education, Team Mar - Jun 2008

Website, Java
Web/EJB/JSF, Education, Alone Apr 2008

Game, C#/XNA
2D, Education, Alone Mar - Apr 2008

State Website, PHP/XML/Flash,
Personal, Team Jan - Feb 2008

Website, ASP.NET,
Education, Alone Dec 2007 - Jan 2008

Website, Java
Web/Struts, Education, Alone Apr - May 2007

Users’ Management Application, C#/Oracle, Education, Team Apr - May 2007

Game with Dos Interface, C#, Education, Alone Dec 2006

Sudoku Game, Java/Swing,
Education, Alone Jun 2006


in competition – Academic Champion of Champagne-Ardennes 2002

Games, "Magic the Gathering" cards (Regional Champion of Champagnes
Ardennes 2005)

Painting, Music, Science fiction and fiction Book, Road bike, Swimming
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• Stagiaire pour Looking for a Software Engineering job. Any kind of job in the IT field, specialized in C# .NET/Silverlight, front-end/back-end web application. Experience in growing company, startup, working in different projects.

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